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Why LogiCon?

We are a transformative, focussed and collaborative service provider to our clients. We offer:

App-store – a comprehensive selection of 1,650+ best of breed ‘industrial-strength’ ready to integrate business applications, tools and utility functions.

Integration engine room – clients a team of highly skilled technical engineers with industry knowledge who are constantly evolving workflows. 

Spring-board for Innovation – the framework for clients to innovate and expand their commercial horizons.

Service, support, training & consultation – a guiding & supportive hand for your digital journey.



Logicon’s cloud platform is a dynamic industrial strength logistics portal. Key benefits include:

Integrating into LogiCon opens a whole world of apps, tools, functions & services to play, test & deploy. Low-code scenario creator for managing data inputs & outputs.

Powerful controls to manage every app and user – switch on or off apps or allocate apps for specific users with assigned user-roles.

Generative AI capabilities to automate repetitive tasks, to trigger actions from designated events and manage customized outcomes. 

Reaching for tomorrow, delivering today

SOFTWARE ApplicationS SUPPORTING Workflow Excellence

Reach for Tomorrow

We help you to put your creativity to work. Visibility and accountability from transparent workflows and dynamic reporting will springboard your business’s pathways to innovation and growth. Reach for tomorrow

1 Innovative

2 Dynamic

3 Future Proof

Delivering Today

We integrate your business systems into LogiCon in no time at all. We facilitate workflows instantly and customize your digital eco-system as your business and user demands require. We deliver today

John Kelly

LogiCon’s financial module is very robust and has helped our business streamline our invoicing and billing processes. The ability to reconcile invoices and utilize predictive analysis has been a game-changer. Their global teams really understand logistics workflows.

Jan Donnelly

As a small 3PL startup, LogiCon has provided us with enterprise-level logistic software on a budget we can afford. From the financial dashboards to the supplier/partner connectivity, it has transformed transparency and accountability across our workflow.

Michael Johnson

I’m amazed at LogiCon’s ability to integrate and format data from our legacy systems into actionable insights. The customizable dashboards and reports have given unprecedented visibility across the company. Their expertise in e-commerce and retail reflects in the software’s design.

Join us on a journey to your future

Book an Appointment

Lets get to know each other. We are friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. We are available across all time zones.


Initial consultations are free of charge. Fees & service charges are modest and there is no obligation thereafter. 

IT Assessment

Review of all operating systems including all data feeds – from all sources, including a security report.

Scoping & Specification

The specification allows flexibility in implementation. Once the power and dynamism of the system becomes apparent the spec is necessarily accommodating.

Negotiation & Contract

Flexibility remains in the terms including switch on / off options as well as click / user charging to manage costs.

Team Assigned

We slot the right people in to work with your staff and advisors to ensure the right outcomes. 


The fun really starts now we are off and running and the project takes shape and the signs of progress are continuous.

Testing & Training

We hold hands to make it work. We train your staff and IT colleagues and we have comprehensive self-help.

Eco-System & Networking

Efficient workflows embracing all departments is the foundation for your unique eco-system. Then we network your clients, partners, agents, contractors & suppliers.

Launchpad > Take-off >

The housekeeping is taken care of and your springboard for success is primed. Innovation ready for take-off.