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There has been a paucity of cohesive software development that understands the complexity of the interconnected demands of logistics workflows. The result has been software silos and/or businesses retreating to tried and tested manual operational & administrative management. LogiCon offers a comprehensive and non-exhaustive development suite of software-as-a-service (Saas) workflow applications. We create streamlined workflows – seamlessly throughout your business. No more silos.

LogiCon’s apps, tools, functions and dashboards support and sustain a vibrant eco-system for your logistics business. Every element is connected and interconnected facilitating timely alerts, messages, reports and actions with many functions automated. Workflows are streamlined throughout the business and throughout networked clients, partners, agents, hubs and suppliers.

No more stop-start operations, referrals to other departments, administration delays, finance errors, cost overruns, idle resources … LogiCon’s apps, tools and functions enable businesses to build efficient, timely, transparent & accountable workflows. Customized dashboards ensure at a glance an instant overview is displayed for each and every user, activity & department with added management consols.


In excess of 1,650 apps in LogiCon’s partner logistics apps store – LogiLink. API integration facilitates all data inputs and outputs to be correctly conditioned and formatted to streamline workflows.

Workflows fully auditable to enable analysis of all aspects of the business for continual evaluation for enhancements &  improvements. No department is left behind – your business is fully synchronised.

Automate repetitive functions including export and import documentation. Harness digital operational & admin tools from scan & print utilities to auto-routing. Each and every department will benefit from some level of humanized automation. 

Customized dashboards, powerful reporting apps such as PowerBi, error & exception reports, auto comms including messaging all build a cohesive collaborative business operating environment.


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