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Need to start shipping? LogiCon has a number of bundled logistics solutions with the most popular carriers, shopping carts & utility tools pre-configured ‘ready-to-go’!

Plug-and-play – we permit any one of a number of apps, tools & functions to be switched on or off as required. Options include: a range of carriers, service selection, label printing, export documentation, tax calculation, e-billing, tracking, e-carts, payment gateways, messaging, activity dashboards, exception / error alerts and many more popular shipping tools. Simple to configure and ready for testing …


Get up to speed. Filter into the logistics digital fast lane with LogiCon’s 'out-of-the-box' digital shipping solutions.

LogiCon’s onboarding of new clients is tried and tested with a number of different bundled shipping service configurations ready to fire up and put to the test.


Industry leading financial module. We consider it one of most powerful and flexible finance packages in the logistics industry today with advanced automation functionality for key repetitive processes. Saves time & money.

1 Pricing, quotes & cost comparisons

2 e-Billing & supplier invoice reconciliation

3 Landed cost tax calculations & tax reports


Communications are critical in any business but even more important in the logistics world where the interactions with staff, clients, consumers, agents, partners, suppliers, reviewers and accreditation organizations are relentless. Workflows must include both internal as well as very efficient external – outward facing – communication channels. Emails, messaging, chat, voice, bulletin boards, dashboards and reporting require synchronizing and harmonizing your services with your mission, vision and brand values. 

LogiCon has a suite of apps, tools and bespoke functions to build cohesive communications to facilitate the dissemination of timely, accurate and relevant information. Comms are translated automatically for the intended recipient’s preferred language and many trigger events are fully automated.