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LogiCon was conceptualised in 2012 to advance the development of dedicated software to support and service the multi-modal movement of books, magazines and tracked packages throughout the EU for a European postal parcel group with revenues approaching €50m.

The initial objective of LogiCon as a ‘tech’ division of the European postal group was to ‘digitally’ network all the Group’s European offices. It became immediately apparent the value in sharing data, streamlining workflows and coordinating partners & shared supply channels came into its own as cross-border e-commerce proliferated.

LogiCon’s technical & management teams foresaw innovative opportunities well beyond servicing the requirements of its host group of companies and in 2019 it was resolved that LogiCon would be incorporated as an independent entity. The super-highway of logistics beckoned and LogiCon joined the express lane.

Fast forward to 2023 - LogiCon launches version 4.1 Standout highlights of v4.1 include ...

Indisputably powerful. The LogiCon finance module includes: pricing, price comparisons, invoice reconciliation, e-billing, finance dashboard, predictive analysis, exchange rates, payment gateways and so on.

Logistics is networks –  LogiCon expands a logistics business immeasurably with powerful ‘digital’ eco-systems & networking functionality to connect staff, offices, partners, agents and suppliers around the globe.

Streamlined workflows with full transparency & accountability. LogiCon receives all data inputs from all sources including legacy systems and ‘auto’ formats the multitude of data outputs supported by customisable dashboards and reports.

The LogiCon team has worked in and serviced businesses in many industry sectors including: logistics, transport, postal, parcel, 3PLs, e-commerce, retail, marketing & software design & development. The dedicated expertise of LogiCon’s staff and its partners is exceptional. Developments are not just continuous but most importantly innovative and industry-focused. We are readily able to understand our clients’ bespoke workflow and business requirements.

The LogiCon team is based principally in Europe: in the UK, Spain & Lithuania with additional development teams in India and the USA.

We are creative & innovative
We are dynamic & flexible
We are RELIABLE & cost effective
of years of combined logistics industry experience

We aim to optimize businesses for the digital age. We ‘digitally’ transform businesses through engagement and understanding. We provide businesses with the ‘digital’ superstructure to innovate and to confidently power through the 21st Century.

1 Optimisation
2 Transformation
3 Innovation

Our vision is to synchronize and harmonize global logistics to optimize systems & sustainability. Our vision is to transparently account for each any every product and shipment in symmetry with the environment.


We maximize user convenience within our apps including ‘bespoke’ short-cuts enabling frequently required user functions to be automated, accessed and completed with drop-down menus, customised online forms or other user friendly utilities.


We provide a range of utility tools for self-help and self-support to facilitate efficient internal as well as external communications and swift resolution of any issues.


We enable and support plug-and-play connectivity facilitated by low-code integrations and switch on/off apps to maximise utility and minimise costs.


Jan 2012

‘LogiCon’s’ host logistics company had been developing its business software in-house since 1997. In 2012 ‘LogiCon’ – logistics connecter – was re-imagined as an independent department to accelerate digital developments in the explosive e-commerce landscape that was emerging.

Feb 2013

‘LogiCon’ commences testing version 1 in Spain & the UK. Live testing with hands-on technical & programming expertise  created a symbiotic relationship between ops staff and the technical team. The technical team became immersed in understanding logistics from a practical standpoint. 

Jun 2014

‘LogiCon’ successfully unifies a European digital network for its host group of companies, connecting offices and partners in UK, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and Poland. Clients as far as the USA and Australia were embedded to improve workflows.

Apr 2017

LogiCon develops and tests the concept of the virtual global integrator network. Local, regional and global carriers were able to be networked through ‘virtual’ hubs and multi-transit points. Services were activated for both outbound and return consignments.

Feb 2019

LogiCon re-structures its portal framework and transfers hosting to AWS for scalability, security and speed. LogiCon is formally incorporated in England & Wales as an independent company with its registered address situated conveniently in Central London.

Jan 2020

LogiCon as an independent company significantly enhances its software capabilities by upscaling its software as a service (SaaS) offering. The concept of the logistics ‘app-store’ is borne and LogiCon embarks on rapid expansion of its custom ‘apps’,  facilitating workflows.

Mch 2021

LogiCon builds out its app-store in partnership with Integromat offering in excess of 1,650 ‘apps’ fully connected into the Logicon platform and ready to be integrated and customized for clients and suppliers. LogiCon’s bespoke shipping apps expand the ‘app’ options.

Nov 2022

LogiCon enhances security, redundancy and fail-safe to create a fully maintained and updated version held in escrow with an approved third-party escrow provider. This backup is available for clients to contract with directly to ensure continuity whatever the circumstances of fail-over.

Sep 2023

LogiCon v4.11 is released – the most advanced logistics IPaaS to date. Hosting 1,650+ apps, running 2m+ operations / day through 1,000s of scenarios, LogiCon is pushing the logistics envelope assisted with powerful augmented automation functionality from 20+ AI connectors. Stay tuned.

Feb 2024

Release of the significantly up-rated LogiCon Finance Module along with enhanced cognitive artificial intelligence workflows, dashboards & reporting. LogiCon’s next iteration of its powerful predictive capabilities  are available to enable refinement of the dawn of a new era for sustainable logistics chains.