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LogiCon is for many clients a low-cost, low-risk, state-of-the-art IT-enhanced migration program to the Cloud for their entire business. Integration with LogiCon is relatively straightforward and our ‘pre-configured’ service modules enable clients to to plug-and-play with a range of apps, tools, functions and services in no time at all.

LogiCon ticks all the ‘digital’ development boxes for all logistics & transportation companies. The continually expanding list of customisable apps, tools, functions & services allows logistics & transportation businesses to be an integral part of the ever-evolving digital landscape in their industries. We ensure clients stay ahead of the curve and allow them to push their creative envelope using LogiCon’s platform as a springboard for their innovation and growth.

Join with us so you can reach your business’s commercial ambitions for tomorrow. We can deliver today what the IT enterprise industry can take years to develop.

Explore some of our modules and services below and arrange a no obligation free consultation.

LogiCon directly & through aggregators connects to 100’s of local, national & global carriers. If we don't have the carrier you want contact us & we will add it to our carrier library.
LogiCon pulls tracking events for all connected carriers. LogiCon also provides live hyper-links to each carrier's tracking page for up-to-date verification of the latest event.
LogiCon’s advanced finance module enables clients (and if they wish their respective clients) access to live pricing, quotes & cost comparisons with service selection optional.
The LogiCon ‘returns’ service facilitates pre-ship (automated) return authorisation, quality assessment, service selection & consolidation hub management.

Carbon footprint calculations, product life cycle scores & optional service & route matrices to move the sustainability needle into the green zone for our valued clients & the planet.

Importantly LogiCon automates workflows throughout the shipping cycles interconnecting all relevant teams, personnel, clients, partners, agents, hubs & suppliers.
Dashboards are customisable for each & every workflow & management requirement. Trigger alerts assist personnel to action exceptions in a prompt & timely manner.

LogiCon is a fully customisable shipping eco-system which naturally supports global networks including supporting ‘virtual’ networks.

Reserve back-up
Increasingly clients are requesting a suite of reserve or back-up shipping options including carriers able to be turned on at the flick of a switch. LogiCon is an ‘always-on’ backup.
/ per month
Connections x10
Users x 5
Operations <1m pm
Multi-Enterprise Stack 401
/ per month
Connections x22
Users x 12
Operations <5m pm
Global Network Stack 801
/ per month
Connections x 40
Users x 40
Operations < 20m pm

Air, sea, road & rail continue to have an impact on the environment.

We have a few exciting initiatives offering improved sustainability credentials.

In addition to carbon foot-print scoring, LogiCon is developing a tool to enable buyers to evaluate & compare like products over the expected ‘life’ of the products.

That is, we assess a product’s life cycle ‘value’, and we will auto-generate timely communications including: recommended use, replacement & recycling options. 

We are optimising not just the supply chain but also a product’s life cycle.