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Companies almost without exception ensure their data is backed up and available to be restored in relatively short order. However that always assumes their clients and suppliers are in the same position. Compromised data will in most cases compromise systems and ‘systems’ are much harder to reinstate. LogiCon has the answer – LogiCon can be used as a complete ‘system-back-up’  – that is LogiCon can mirror all ‘connectors’ in a parallel universe that can be activated almost instantly. We offer …

A network system back-up is very cost effective once it is set up & tested and can reduce disaster recovery insurance costs. In logistics networks with multiple suppliers for example, LogiCon has all of the main carriers already integrated and hence mapping them as your back-up is straightforward. Likewise for the most part many if not all software is replicated through the 1,000s of applications LogiCon accesses in the LogiLink partner app-store.

Increasingly sophisticated external cyber-attacks are rained down on prominent companies, institutions & organizations and logistics SMEs are not exempt. The interconnected ‘always-on’ world in which trade & commerce thrive is also a breeding ground for malevolent actors. Further, cyber insurance is for many smaller businesses becoming prohibitively expensive unless their fail-over covers their business internally and externally. LogiCon itself is fully backed-up into a working escrow managed by an independent escrow company.


Protection of your business and your network of clients, partners, agents and supply channels with a fully on-stand-by operational back-up is the next step in ensuring your business is ready to operate after any invasive cyber incursion.

Outages and technical down-time have their own contingency requirements. The continuing drive for new hardware, software and systems necessitates from time to time down-time and possibly an unexpected outage. Systems back-up can be prepped to get you up and running same day and even in a couple of hours.

Mirroring a network for back-up also allows for ‘shared’ networking where two systems can operate in parallel. Peak period demands may necessitate alleviating pressures by opting to switch on back-up channels to enable for example high demand for carrier labels to be produced instantly with no lag.

LogiCon is set up as a test bed for connectors. Businesses with a LogiCon back-up can use LogiCon as a ‘sandbox’ to test new connectors in a safe environment without impacting their primary network. 


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