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LogiCon’s finance module is the most powerful and comprehensive application in LogiCon’s ‘digital’ app-store. Indeed it is possibly the most powerful in the SaaS logistics sphere. What can it do – well pretty much everything you’d want it to do and probably much more than you need now but you will need in the foreseeable future! Lets explore whats available:

Our Finance Module allows for your sell rates, suppliers rates and a third party’s rates to be uploaded. You can add a sell rate by margin, value, percentage, weight, dimensions, destination and so on. We accommodate all surcharges such as out-of-area, redirection &cash-on-delivery.

Further we can display pricing any way you want – on your private client portal or public web site and in as many ways as you wish, such as individual pricing by client, order origin or service or adjusted for seasonal offers.

Cost savings for any business using tools such as auto- e-billing and auto-supplier invoice reconciliation are indisputable. We align your portal to markets including managing currencies & exchange rates.

The options for marketing & selling online open new revenue streams when networked with other providers and agents.

The finance module connects by API to a range of accounts packages to square the financial circle.


Marketing and sales channels open up for clients, prospective clients & consumers with online pricing, quotes & cost comparisons We provide reports such as IOSS for cross-border shipments and all shipping ‘documentation’ is included in the package.

Automate sales invoicing and the otherwise time-consuming task of checking supplier invoices. Auto-upload all invoices into your accounts software. Set schedules for invoicing tasks and monitor activity on your dashboards. We make finance tasks refreshing.

Explore opportunities in other markets. Create a virtual regional or global network. Partner with businesses around the world and reciprocate on services & rates. We dynamically re-calibrate systems according to location for language, currency & services.

Digitalisation opens up a whole new world for innovation. Add new services and support or add supplemental services to your existing services portfolio. Explore new markets with low or no risk with options to switch on / off services at the flick of a switch.


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