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Returns of shipments are burdensome not only for e-tailers but also for the carriers and any third party handling facilities tasked with ‘managing’ returned shipments. Returns strike a disconsolate cord across the logistics chain as a lost sale, costly to handle, extra administration, goods maybe unsaleable (at full cost), environmentally taxing and dilutes the product in the market. We help to smooth the pathways and reduce costs …

LogiCon is able to assist turn returns on its head and create opportunities for sales channels of unwanted or returned products. LogiCon’s functionality enables returned shipments to be hubbed in country of return to be ‘re-sold’ or auctioned online. For low value goods the item can be assigned for recycling in country rather than returned to origin. There are many variations on the theme to allay the hassle of managing returns.

Product recall is a speciality service of LogiCon. LogiCon has long-standing tradition of managing product recalls from the initiation of recall notices – online and offline to fully co-ordinating and accounting for the returns processes. LogiCon understands the urgency of many recalls and the importance of notifying consumers of a ‘dangerous product’ as well as securing the goods for repair, recycling or secure destruction by authorized agents.


Automate issue of RMA codes and manage logistics chain for safe, secure, transparent and accountable return of products. Generate returns carrier labels and direct flow of returns as required.

Innovate and make returns an alternative sales channel or support charitable or other good causes. In-country re-sale or auction options as well as recycle option for low value products to save return costs. Many variations on the theme of unwanted products.

Automate tax offset or payment clawback including adjustments to tax (eg OSS/IOSS EU ) reports. Reconcile all costs instantly. Assess data on returns to maximize alternate handling and usage options of returned / unwanted products.

Faulty, damaged or otherwise unusable products recalled pursuant to recall processes whether directed by regulation or by the manufacturer / retailer. Fully compliant recall service – anywhere to anywhere and for almost all products.


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