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Sustainability is balancing meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own potential needs. Logistics chains place considerable demands on the environment. Identifying waste or excess in systems for moving people and goods is a key motivation for digitalisation. In turn automation and predictive powers of digitalisation will continue to realize improvements for sustainability. Sustainability tomorrow, delivered today

The logistics landscape for sustainability is currently open-ended. Hence there is pressure to build a much greater repository of information on the movement of peoples, products, equipment and resources than is available. This store of information will add to the growing amount of data on products themselves. Sustainability is a collective endeavour and LogiCon is able to aggregate, collate and anonymise data for analysis by researchers, academics, science establishments and other bodies seeking to make sense of the prevailing conditions and what to do about improving sustainability in our industry.

Sustainability initiatives we are involved in are designed to be positive business influences. That is, we interrogate data & industry trends and offer combined options to deliver sustainable outcomes with measurable improvements in margins, profitability and economies of scale. There are no quick fixes without the measurements in place and comparative tools to benchmark against. LogiCon’s collaborative approach is open to all. Join us, your data is invaluable.


Environmental initiatives are not ‘anathema’ to profitability – indeed they should work in harmony – profitable for the environment as well as financially rewarding for your business are not incompatible.

Logistics businesses must embrace sustainability as a core value in their business. For those businesses that don’t it will become more and more apparent and markets will not favour those not sharing the value of supporting the environment.

More haste less speed. Calibrating logistics chains for excellence is a monitoring and reporting set of tools available in LogiCon. Reduction of damage, loss, delays, mis-routes and handling errors in logistics chains is of itself a measure of sustainability.

Multi-party undertakings such as logistics chains are best served with timely & accurate information. LogiCon’s workflow apps, tools & functions ensure systems work hand in hand to streamline operations and reduce the environmental burden.


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