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Manage Multiple Carriers

Simplifying e-Commerce #2: Manage Multiple Carriers

Your online sales channels are all connected and sorted (#1). Now you are looking to expand your carrier options to offer different delivery options and seek to explore international markets? Your current carrier supplier: Royal Mail or Deutsche Post or USPS now needs supplementing. You now need options for secure delivery for high value consignments, timed delivery, international express and duty paid – where to start?

Logicon has it sorted – just as we did for your numerous sales channels. Settle back as we join the carrier dots …: and get you into what should now becoming a familiar comfort zone with Logicon …

Logicon Shipping Consol:

Highlights … 

  • One Consol: Gone – the array of open tabs and links for ParcelForce, DPD, FedEx, DHL, UPS, Aramex…. Logicon connects all your carriers into a single, easy-to-interrogate dashboard.
  • Real-Time Event Information: See all your shipments with every carrier in one view, with real-time updates. No more logging in and out of carriers’ online portals to check a consignment status.
  • Effortless Management: Suite of options for comms including messaging and exception alerts. Each consignment is hyperlinked to the carrier website. 
  • Customization of View: Logicon allows you to personalize your dashboard view. See the information that matters most such as exceptions, carrier performance, national & international profiles and final delivery statuses.
  • Seamless Integration: Logicon connects to local, national, regional and global carriers. We can auto translate languages and standardize statuses.
  • Automation: You can auto generate: timely messages to consignees, raise service queries with carriers, manage customer services, receive & process claims – and we have a suite of financial tools for e-billing, supplier invoice reconciliation and much more (details to follow in our continuing e-commerce series).

Benefits Over & Beyond:

Logicon offers more than just seamless workflows. Here’s a snapshot of whats built-in::

  • Reduced Costs: Save time – loads of time by managing all information from one central location. Save money – select any one of a number of flexible plans.
  • Improved Efficiency: Streamline to significantly enhance your workflows. Accurate and timely information all the time every time. 
  • Eliminate Repetitive Tasks: Automate repetitive tasks and distribute to the intended recipients for action..
  • Total Accuracy: Information ported directly from the carrier with live hyperlink to each and every carrier for validation (and follow up) of every consignment.
  • Performance Indicators: Powerful reporting tools to manage carriers performance (and costs – see more later in the Series).
  • Global Reach: International markets accessible and serviceable whatever the complexities may be (see more later in the Series).

Jump-start your Carrier Journey with Logicon

Adding carriers, service options & international coverage is straightforward with Logicon. The set-up is simple and secure. No headaches, no fuss and no trouble managing multiple carriers with Logicon:

  • Affordable Setup: Connect up to 5 carriers for as little as $100, with slightly higher fees for custom set-ups. Monthly hosting starts from a low $20. Or opt for a suite of modular services all bundled in any one of a number of cost effective packages.
  • Fast Implementation: Get up and running with the main carriers within hours.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Logicon’s intuitive interface is easy to learn and navigate.
  • Scalability and Security: Logicon grows with your business and offers industry-leading performance & data security.
  • Help and Training: We always have help at hand as well as providing training to all your staff.

Managing Multiple Carriers Across the Globe – Logi-connect today.

Don’t be apprehensive in expanding your carriers and global reach. Contact Logicon today!

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