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Logicon Integration for Make


Connect the Logicon custom app for Make with 1,000s of other apps to automate and build a complete shipping solution!

Create a new consignment, add one or more packages and manifest your consignment via any one of several shipping carriers!

Connect to your Shopify account or other eCommerce solution and build a complete end to end order through to delivery solution.

Modules available in this release include:

  • Add a New Consignment – Create new shipping consignments and automatic manifesting with the chosen carrier (subject to user having carrier connection credentials) resulting in label generation and tracking number/url provision. Consignments that are not manifested with a carrier will be set to the Pre-Alerted status.
  • Create a Package Item – Builds the structure of one or more packages to be attached to your new consignment.
  • Get a Consignment by ID or Number – Retrieve a single consignment from Logicon with expanded options available to get details of the sender, receiver, client and/or package(s).
  • Get a Consignment List – Retrieves a list of consignments that match various search criteria such as a date range during which they were created, consignments only for a specific client or those with a specific reference.
  • Get a Package – Retrieve a single package from Logicon
  • Get a Package List – Retrieves a list of packages from Logicon that meet certain search criteria similar to that for consignments.
  • Update a Consignment’s Parameters – Allows updates of most consignment parameters including origin and destination names and addresses, package details and chosen carrier.
  • Update a Consignment’s Parameters (Post Manifest) – Allows updates on a sub-set of consignment parameters after the consignment has been manifested with a carrier.
  • Update a Consignment’s Creation Date – In certain circumstances, you may need to update the creation date for a consignment.
  • Update a Package’s Files – Allows the shipping label to be updated after the consignment has been manifested and the label retrieved from the carrier.
  • Update a Package’s Parameters – Allows many package parameters to be updated after the package and consignment have been created in Logicon.
  • Delete a Consignment – Allows a consignment to be deleted.
Coming soon to the Logicon Integration with Make:
  • Creation, reading, updating and deleting of customs items relating to non-domestic shipments.
  • Tracking consignment events received from the carrier, e.g. Arrived at hub, Delivered, etc.
  • Cost/sell pricing and other finance-related functionality for consignments. This will allow carrier invoices to be imported and items associated with your consignments. You will the. be able to generated invoices for your clients.
  • Generation of customs invoices, dangerous goods and other documents.
  • IOSS (International One Stop Shop) compatibility and the ability to generate IOSS shipments and reports.