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Logicon, a global leader in innovative software solutions, is set to transform the financial landscape with its dynamic finance module. This revolutionary offering promises to streamline workflows & business operations, enhance efficiency and drive profitability. The module offers a comprehensive suite of services, including pricing & quotes, cost comparisons, tax calculations & itemized tax reports, carrier & service selection, e-Billing, COD, digital payment wallets, purchase invoice reconciliation, currencies & exchange rates, insurance & claims, and plug-ins to all major accounting software packages.

real time pricing & quotes

One of the key features of the dynamic finance module is its ability to provide accurate and real-time pricing & quotes. Businesses and their clients can easily compare costs across different services, enabling them to make informed decisions that maximize their bottom line. Additionally, the module’s tax calculation functionality ensures compliance with local and international tax regulations, reducing the risk of penalties and fines.


Another standout feature is the carrier and service selection tool, which helps businesses optimize their logistics and shipping operations. By analyzing factors such as cost, transit time and reliability, the module enables businesses to choose the most cost-effective and efficient shipping options, reducing delivery times and costs.

e billing

The e-Billing and COD features streamline the invoicing and payment processes, allowing businesses to get paid faster and more efficiently. The digital payment wallet functionality enables businesses and their clients to securely store and manage their payment information, reducing the risk of fraud and unauthorized transactions.

purchase invoice auto reconciliation

The purchase invoice reconciliation tool is remarkable. Auto invoice reconciliation is instant and simplifies the process of matching invoices with purchase orders and receipts, reducing errors and discrepancies. The module also supports multiple currencies and exchange rates, enabling businesses to easily manage cross-border transactions and operations.

insurance & claims management

Furthermore, the module includes robust insuranceand claims management capabilities, helping businesses protect their assets and manage risks effectively. The plug-ins to accounting software ensure seamless integration with existing financial systems, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors.

game changer …

Overall, Logicon’s dynamic finance module is a game-changer for businesses looking to streamline their financial operations, reduce costs, and drive profitability. Its comprehensive suite of services and advanced features make it an essential tool for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Logicon’s dynamic finance module is set to revolutionize the way businesses manage their finances. Its comprehensive suite of services, advanced features, and seamless integration with existing systems make it a must-have for any business looking to optimize its financial operations and drive profitability.

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