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Air Freight (Demo)

Logicon connects carriers of all types – local, regional, national & global carriers – and all forms of carriage – road, rail, sea, air or hybrid.

Carrier integration with Logicon is a load more than simply serving e-tailers, 3PLs and forwarders with shipping services – it is a whole new world of opportunity.

Importantly, we are able to convert conventional ‘analogue’ carriers into digital carriers with a suite of tools and functions to put them on the digital roadmap and transform their businesses to join the fast lane on the digital super-highway.

Logicon opens pathways that other shipping platforms cannot find.

Logicon – the gateway to the logistics & transportation digital superhighway. Logicon and its partners have a plethora of customisable dynamic services for carriers including: pricing, cost comparisons, tax calculations, service options, cross/up-selling, networking, multi-transit controls, routing, load management, scheduling, fleet & warehouse management, messaging coms, dashboards, reporting and so on.

Logicon’s powerful automation workflows are being greatly enhanced through AI and the value of predictive modeling as aggregated data is accumulated is immeasurable.

Logistics and transport is on a steep trajectory of innovation embracing a host of benefits not just for businesses, their clients & suppliers but also for the environment with sustainability as a part of every development outcome.


Logicon facilitates the creation of your business eco-system. Transparent and accountable apps, tools and functions to build and manage your business holistically.

Logicon harmonizes and streamlines workflows in, across and through departments and offices. Logicon provides timely information, triggers alerts and colates & presents reports. Customized dashboards ensures up to the minute monitoring of all activities at a glance.

Connect clients, partners, agents and suppliers. Create an integrated virtual global service network enabling the movement of shipments from anywhere to anywhere with your embedded partners.

Select from in excess of 1,650 best of breed applications where Logicon can integrate and format input and output data flows for any and all business requirements from any and all systems including legacy systems.


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